Welcome to DoctorWish.com
A site by Doctors for Doctors. We are tired of everyone taking advantage of Doctors!!. We are tired of being underpaid for our worth. We are also tired of searching job boards that do not understand our needs. We are undercut by doctor agencies, cheated by hospital employers and sometimes disrespected by patients. We are in a Doctor's market, there is an overwhelming demand for our services. The hospitals, recruiting agencies and other employers should seek us out for a change. Be the Doctor that gets paid for the quality services that you provide. This is a site that advertises Doctors to all Doctor employers.
DoctorWish.com is a site that empowers Doctors. You set up a profile and tell the world when you want to work and for how much you are willing to accept for your services. These are called Doctor wishes that prospective employers utilize to seek you out. You get the price you want, the employers get a highly rated Doctor and everyone is happy. You don't feel cheated because you are paid your worth. We don't have time for frills. 
There are few rules to make this work:
You must enter your asking rate for your services on all Doctorwishes. This creates an economic demand and supply market rate for all our Doctors and help those Doctors just starting out. You must be honest and realistic with your Doctor wishes. Asking for 10 -25% above your current pay rate is reasonable and competitive. Tell your colleagues, tell your recruiting agencies and tell your friends.
Your personal information is private and only available when you choose to release it to the employer. Your current employers don't have to know that you have a profile on DoctorWish.com. We use an icon to represent you on our visible homepage. The steps take less than 3 minutes to accomplish
DoctorWish.com is Free and will always be Free for all Physicians and surgeons.